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Website Design & Development

We all wish our website designs to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant and aesthetically timeless. We create effective website designs that exhibit a mix of craft, science, philosophy and story-telling.

Avanthika provides a holistic approach to website development. Our website development service is ‘client focused’ so that you can get ‘what’ you want, ‘when’ you want and ‘how’ you want! We offer affordable web development service so that small, mid and big budget clients can all get their customized web.

Software Development

As a custom software development company based in India, we make every effort to provide our customers high quality development services. We make use of the latest application development tools and software development platforms and employ modern project management practices and software engineering techniques.

Mobile Application Development

Avanthika provides top-of-the-line mobile application development solutions to clients across the globe. Our extensive app development experience stretching across every mobile operating platform enables us to visualize, realize and materialize our clients’ dream of a custom mobile app from the ground up.

Airlines Management Solutions

Our AMS-Customized Solution will be a comprehensive platform for airline operations and crew management planning, tracking and compliance requirements.The system will enable airlines to forecast, organize, plan, predict, measure and report on Activity in real time.

AMS-Customized Solution will support integration of several mission-critical business processes and delivers comprehensive, Timely information, reducing reliance on manual processes and enabling your staff to react quickly to changing market demands.

Our Solution includes:

  • Integrated Aircraft Components Inventory, maintenance and procurement management
  • B2C internet booking engine
  • Agent Portal (Optional)
  • Baggage Management System
  • B2B Logistics and Cargo Portal
  • Mobile Travel Apps (optional)

Ecommerce Solutions

A professional ecommerce website design is the most critical element for your online success. You will never be able to sell your products and services if your customers do not find your site impressive. The ecommerce site’s look shouldn’t just ‘wow’ your customers it should also be well organized and easy to use.

HR Management System

Are you running an enterprise? Is it large, small or in a phase of expansion? Whatever is its size, a lot of data pertaining to payroll and human resource is surely generated. Managing all these database and abundant information is a difficult task. We understand how herculean job it is. Hence, we at Avanthika have come up with the best payroll management software solution for handling your needs.

University Management Software

Thousands of students queue up every year to collect admission forms submit them. Managing the entire scenario becomes a problematic affair for the college. Students and parents also get annoyed queuing up for collecting and submitting the forms. Understanding what people feel at this time, we have come up with college software. It is an online application that helps to manage students, staffs, teachers and more in a college easily.

Hospital Management Software

Our Hospital Management software has been skilfully designed for healthcare facilities. The software provides the finest messaging and automation system. The solution is scalable and reliable and has been developed focusing on the present day’s complicated stipulations and processing requirements. Itis designed in an intranet/internet environment and has the capacity of running on any kind of browser.

MLM Software

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. It is a marketing system, which follows a hierarchal form. In this kind of marketing, the main objective of a salesman is not just to sell the item but also to attract people to carry on this chain of selling those items further. As the chain grows on the initial salesperson keeps on enjoying the increasing profits.

Visitor Management System

In most of the companies, visitors scribble their names in a paper book when coming in and going out. If your company does the same thing with your incoming and outgoing visitors, then it’s high time you should think about professionalizing the way of welcoming your visitors. The best way is to get a unique Visitor Management Software installed for your company.