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Financial Software & Equipment companies are facing huge challenge due to changing regulations, globalization due to multi-country & multi currency approach, competition from low quality companies etc.

  • We can help you innovate & improve Product Portfolio based on market requirements and dynamics.
  • We can help you strategize & launch in new regions/ countries.
  • We can help you target & plan for new market segments.
  • We can help you in optimizing operations and be more cost effective.
  • We can help you with your overall business & operational strategy.


Expanding beyond the traditional brick and mortar model is the key to the growth of your business.

  • We can help you in the Digital Financial Services deployment.
  • We can help strategize & launch Branchless Banking initiatives.


MFIs operate in remote areas and mainly through mobile Agents. Their traditional operations are prone to delays, lack of transparency and security issues leading to high cost of operations, risk etc., that translated to high interest rates.

  • We can help by adding Mobility to MFI operations to expand & enhance services, accuracy, transparency, security, and make the entire operations cost effective.


Payment service providers, start-up companies and Microfinance organizations are increasingly joining DFS/Mobile Money ecosystems and lack the financial muscle & retail perspective to strategize for MFS efficiently.

  • We can help you strategize based on your key strength and identify the niche services/ segments that can be addressed to ensure a commercially successful project that can compete across segments.
  • We can help you with the development of Ecosystem in an efficient way that can cater to the needs of your customers and can give you the required geographical reach.
  • We can help in setting up National Digital Financial Hubs that can be shared by several Banks, MNOs etc. A common infrastructure & ecosystem is going to more effective in services and reduce the operational costs by avoiding duplication of efforts.