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Avanthika Consulting helps companies achieve tangible, high-impact results. We have proven experience and expertise in applying sophisticated analytics to complex issues. Our solutions give executives the tools they need to make critical business decisions with greater certainty.

We work closely with executives to understand and address the critical issues they face. By asking the hard questions, gathering and analyzing the most relevant information, and providing hands-on support and tools, we help our clients develop innovative, practicable strategies that create lasting value. We understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face in the real world because we have owned our own skills in the real world

Our ability to effectively address our clients' most important business issues has paid off: more than 90% of our engagements come from repeat clients or referrals. Our clients come back to avanthika because they know we offer clarity, strategic insight, direction and confidence while devising practical solutions to their most pressing challenges and opportunities.

The three key principles to our approach are:

A philosophy of evidence, not opinion – We confront each challenge or opportunity without preconceived notions, and our recommendations are based on facts rather than assumptions.

World-class analytical capability – Every solution we propose is informed by a combination of in-depth research and rigorous analysis and is tailored to the specific dynamics of the client's organization. We don't just crunch the numbers. More important, we also conduct critical data analysis to provide the best recommendations to clients.

Real-world expertise – Our experts bring real-world experience and hands-on involvement to every engagement. We bring deep industry expertise; gained from both direct industry experience and a wide range of consulting engagements, to each client we serve./p>