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About Us

Welcome To Avanthika Consulting

Avanthika Consulting is an independent firm focused on providing consulting & advisory services. We specialize in Banking, Financial & Telecom Sectors and help our clients build and grow their business year after year. We have extensive experience on Digital Financial Services (DFS), Telecom Software, VAS, Devices & Equipment; we help you think, launch, revisit, enrich and constantly expand your initiatives. We are passionate, creative, result-driven business builders. We build on our rich experience, leverage best practices and develop a sound understanding of your operational context to make your project a success.

Whether you are a Telecom Software/ Equipment company, financial institution, a mobile operator, a payment service provider, an international donor or a start-up, we can help you be successful with your project. We study opportunities, formulate strategies, develop business models, design partnerships, define value propositions and manage project implementations around the world. We bring creative responses to key issues like interoperability, agent management, product innovation and customer activity challenges.

We also review existing implementations and identify areas of improvement in order to help you reach your full business potential. We provide recommendations for each area of your business and measure the impact. We also help you innovate with meaningful financial & telecom products to expand the horizon of your services.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate multicultural consultants with different backgrounds and hands on experience in real life implementations. We have gone through the challenges of implementing projects in complex settings in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This adds credibility to our work and informs our recommendations with practical insights.

Each project is different and will require specific answers. We bring the experience, commitment, passion, and creativity to the table and help you tackle these issues, build a successful business and also achieve positive social impact.